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Take 62: Tiger Oasis

Show form Have you ever had one of those very normal days that suddenly turns out to be extraordinary? Well, that’s what this day was like for me. I was feeling kind of sad

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Take 61: Survival Kit

I have endless memories of my mother trying to find things in her handbag. And I gather more memories every day. I’ve begun to think of her as only having 1.5 arms. Because most

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Take 58: Backstage

There is a theatre saying: „The show must go on“. It means that no matter what happens, come hell or high water, finishing the show as best you can is of utmost importance. And

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Take 57: Happiness

You know what? I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps recently. Things are stressful with my family and my work life is uncomfortably quiet right now. Michael J. Fox said a very

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